Orthodontics with Invisalign


Teeth overlap, migration, rotation, malposition of one or more teeth are examples of situations that may increase the risk of tooth decay and periodontal disease. These problems often lead to difficulties in developing and improving excellent dental hygiene.
As a branch of dentistry, orthodontics can treat dental malocclusions by offering appropriate and specific treatments for each patient at the appropriate time.

What is Invisalign Orthodontic Treatment?

Orthodontic treatment without braces, Invisalign relies on transparent aligners. Virtually invisible, the Invisalign aligners have the advantage of being made to measure according to the smile desired by the patient. The popularity of this treatment has already allowed more than 3 million patients worldwide to benefit from Invisalign.

Why trust your smile to the Centre Dentaire GK?

Dr. Khouzam, owner of the Centre Dentaire GK, is the first general dentist to use the Invisalign system in Quebec. So you can entrust your smile with confidence to a dentist experienced and passionate about orthodontics with Invisalign, and who really wants to transform your smile according to your specific wishes.
For more information on Invisalign treatment, cost of treatment, benefits and more, make an appointment today at the Centre Dentaire GK in Saint-Hubert and learn more about how to transform your smile.

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