Cosmetic dentistry

Aesthetic Dental Services in Saint-Hubert

The Centre Dentaire GK offers aesthetic dentistry in Saint-Hubert near Brossard on the South Shore of Montreal.
Our dental aesthetic treatments are mainly dental bleaching, dental veneers, and composite resins. Want to improve your dental aesthetics and smile? Make an appointment now with a dentist in Saint-Hubert at the Centre dentaire GK.


Whitening treatment in St-Hubert

At the Centre dentaire GK on the South Shore of Montreal, dental whitening is the cosmetic treatment to restore your smile to its full brilliance.

The Ordre des dentistes du Québec recommends that people who wish to do a whitening consultation consult a dentist for a dental examination and cleaning beforehand. Before dental bleaching, this will make it possible to check that there are no cavities, faulty dental restorations or superficial stains on the teeth.

It is known that tooth whitening is contraindicated for pregnant women and children under 12 years.

Dental whitening is made from custom made gutters manufactured by our dentists. A gel is then applied several times a week until the desired color is obtained. Bleaching can lead to sensitivity of the teeth or gums, hence the importance of our dentists to ensure good monitoring.

The Centre dentaire GK offers dental whitening services on the South Shore of Montreal. Contact our experts to learn more and make an appointment for your teeth whitening.

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